Island Wings - The Runway Tour

Skydive Mauritius, Riviere du Rempart

Sightseeing flights in a micro-light Plane over the lagoons and sugarcane fields of Mauritius

You want to see Mauritius from a different and unique perspective? The Sky is the answer!

Runway Tour Island Wings will take you for a flight in a Micro Light Plane to fulfill your wish. Choose the time you would like

to fly and we will ‘fly’ you over the lagoons and the sugarcane fields of our beautiful island. Our pilot will also take the

opportunity to explain some principles of flights and why not tell you some stories about the area you are flying over. Don’t forget to take some pictures with your phone as you will definitely want to have a souvenir of this flight!


NOTE: Please phone us on 2180052 or 52543457 to check availability before making your booking.


Flight Session: 20 min, 30 min, 45 min & 60 min flights available.

Your Journey:

The Briefing

Upon your arrival, you will be taken care of by our ground team who will help you fill in the waiver form and will propose the different packages available. You will have a quick briefing with the pilot who will explain the different stages of the flight. If you have a special request or a specific area you would like to fly over, it is the time to ask your pilot. Board our aircraft and start enjoying your ride.

Board the Micro Light Plane

We take-off from our private grass runway in our micro light plane. We have two aircrafts, a Savannah S and an Impala which can take two persons at a time; the pilot and a passenger. Wear your headsets, we do a radio test and off we go.

Enjoy the panorama as you fly over the Lagoons and sugarcane Fields of Mauritius

Fly away from the airfield towards the east, the ocean is there, only 3 kilometers away… We fly at the perfect altitude and speed so you can enjoy unrivalled and uninterrupted views of beautiful Mauritius scenery, from the green of the sugarcane fields to the Blue Lagoons. What an amazing way of exploring the island! Look carefully, we even might see whales or turtles!


The tour is finished… time to fly back to the airfield at Mon Loisir. While approaching the landing area, there is a little game we like to play: Find the runway?! We will descend slowly and touch down safely.

Reservation details:

All participants need to have a reservation scheduled prior to the Runway Tour Island Wings activity. Our Booking team will guide you through the weather forecast and will give the best option available.

Opening Days and Hours:

  • We are open from Monday to Saturday

  • All activities are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays except special occasions.

  • Our opening hours are from 7.00am to 4.00pm


  • All proposed slots by our Booking team will stay open until fully confirmed. *We recommend contacting us by phone for short notice reservations.

  • Time slots As mentioned, we will guide you through the best time for any particular day as we are subject to the weather conditions. We will always try in the mornings first as the weather is usually calmer.

  • The Booking time given must be respected otherwise the participant(s) might miss the allocated slot which will be given to other participants who are on time. The flight will then depend on the availability left.

  • Unfortunately, we do not arrange transportations. But we do have a parking area for your vehicles.

  • Our Advice: Anyone willing to do the activity and is in Mauritius for a short period, we recommend the reservation to be made during the beginning of the stay in case the activity has to be rescheduled due to bad weather conditions.

  • We highly recommend morning reservations as the weather conditions are usually better.

  • The participants must bring their Mauritian ID or working permit otherwise no discount will be applied. All the other conditions remain the same (booking vouchers, payment system etc).

Activity Safety Measures and Restrictions:

The safety of all passengers boarding our plane is our first priority. See below a listing of our restrictions.


  • Runway Tour Island Wings Activities are weather depending.

  • Runway Tour Island Wings has the right to cancel the activity due to sudden weather changes; Safety first.


  • The participant must sign our Waiver form.

  • Minimum age is 8years old.

  • Maximum weight is 110Kg.

  • Runway Tour Island Wings has the right to refuse any person if it’s in regards to safety

  • The participant must not be under influence of alcohol or any drugs.

Air Traffic

  • Take-off time can be altered by the Air Traffic from Skydive Mauritius.


  • Our Micro Light Planes can only take on board two persons on board.

  • The Pilot and one Passenger

  • We have two Micro Light Planes available which means that two persons can fly next to each other in different planes.

Cancellation policy:

We ask for a 24h notice for all changes or cancellations regarding any scheduled bookings. Otherwise, 100% of the amount will be charged. As the activity is weather dependent, it might be canceled and therefore subject to a rescheduled appointment, depending on our availability left. In the case of a full cancellation due to bad weather, the participants and partners will be refunded 100% of the activity (Transport fees excluded).