Tandem Skydive in Mauritius

Skydive Mauritius, Riviere du Rempart

Jump from 10000-ft above at a speed of 100-120 Mph

Book your place for the tandem skydive with our partner Skydive austral which is located at Mon Loisir Sugar Estates, next to Rivière du Rempart. After 5-10mins of instruction, you will be ready to do a tandem skydive with an expert instructor. Be ready to experience terminal velocity at around 100-120 mph on your first jump for up to a minute. This will be achieved from 10,000 feet! 

NOTE: Please phone us on 2180052 or 52543457 to check availability before making your booking.

NOTE: For the three optional packages Video only OR Photos only OR Video & Photos, they are payable DIRECTLY WITH SERVICE PROVIDER

Video and Photos

Be sure to book the video and photos option for your tandem skydiving adventure! You will never be able to repeat the feelings of your “first jump”, the experience, the adrenaline, the peaceful feeling and the freedom, but you can share it with family and friends and re-live it as many times as you want.  

Videos and Photos package are to be paid directly at the Service Provider, as follows :-

  • Video only: Rs 5000

  • Photos only: Rs 5000

  • Video & Photos: Rs 6500

The Journey

The Briefing

Upon your arrival, you will be taken care of by our ground team who will help you fill in the waiver form and will propose the different packages available. A 5-minute briefing video will be played explaining the different stages of your tandem jump: the plane ride, plane exit, freefall, the parachute opening, and safe landing.

With your jumpsuit and your safety harness on, you are ready to board our aircraft.


Board the skydive aircraft C182

We take off from our private grass runway in our skydive plane, a Cessna 182 which can take two Tandem Jump at a time. Offering a 20-minute ballade to altitude and maximum opportunity to enjoy the jaw-dropping views on the way up to the 10,000 feet (3000m) skydive altitude.

Enjoy the panorama as you climb to altitude.

The flight to altitude during which you can enjoy unrivaled and uninterrupted views of beautiful Mauritius scenery, from the green of the sugarcane fields to the Blue Lagoons. What an amazing way of exploring the island!


This part of your journey is very difficult to describe. You definitely have to experience this amazing feeling of floating at nearly 200km/h to know what freedom really means! Open your arms and just enjoy around 30 seconds of freefall! One important tip is to KEEP SMILING! Your Tandem Master can capture your personal Mauritius Skydive adventure for you, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the amazing experience.

Parachute up

The opening of the parachute will be triggered by your instructor. After the wind rush of the freefall, enjoy a moment of the smooth canopy ride. Again, take the time to discover beautiful Mauritius from the sky before landing safely on our runway. Listen to your Tandem Master for landing instructions. This moment will remain unforgettable!


Activity Safety Measures and Restrictions:

The safety of all passengers boarding our plane is our priority. See below a listing of our restrictions.

• Weather

o Skydive Activities are weather depending.

o Skydive Mauritius has the right to cancel the activity due to sudden weather change, Safety first.

*Even if the participant is already on their way or at Skydive Mauritius.

• Participant

o The participant must sign Skydive Mauritius Waiver form.

o Minimum age is 15 years old. If less than 18 years old, one parent needs to be present.

o Minimum weight is 40-45 Kg (reaching minimum limits, the weather conditions will need to be optimum) o Maximum weight is 95 Kg (reaching maximum limits, the weather conditions will need to be optimum)

o The sport of Parachute/Skydive requires being in reasonable physical & mental condition.

o Skydive Mauritius has the right to refuse any person if it’s in regards with safety

o The participant must not be under influence of alcohol or any drugs.

o The participant must not suffer from any physical or chronic illness and be on any medication or drugs.

o The participant cannot jump with a head cold/flu.

o Skydiving after a Scuba diving session is forbidden; a 24-hour gap between the two activities is necessary.

• Air Traffic

o Take off time can be altered by the Air Traffic controllers of Mauritius.

• Aircraft

o Our Cessna 182 can only take on board 5 persons per flight.

▪ The Pilot and two Tandem Masters each attached with a Participant

o Only Skydivers are authorized in the plane, as the aircraft has been exclusively configured for skydiving.


  • All proposed slots by our Booking team will stay open until fully confirmed. *We recommend contacting us by phone for short notice reservations

  • The Booking time given must be respected otherwise the participant(s) might miss the allocated slot which will be given to other participants who are on time. The jump(s) will then depend on availability left.

  • Unfortunately, we do not arrange transportations. But we do have a parking place for your vehicles.

  • Our Advice: Anyone willing to do the activity and is in Mauritius for a short period, we recommend the reservation to be made during the beginning of the stay in case the activity has to be rescheduled due to bad weather conditions.