Noudeal was born to provide open-minded, progressive, connected individuals, an online platform proposing the best hotels, spa, restaurants and other activity deals Mauritius has to offer. With a focus on user friendliness, an appealing of items selection and competitive deals, the platform answers the demand of efficiency, accessibility 24/7 to shoppers looking for tailored experiences at competitive rates.

Confidently stepping outside the lines of traditional deal sites, Noudeal shifts the traditional notion of an online intermediary to personalised assistance and support to fine-tune consumer’s experience into a memorable one. Our irreverent attitude and taste for excess, redefine online purchase. differentiating our self by understanding the consumer’s individual needs, paired with attractive rates.




Our tireless pursuit of the new, compels us to push boundaries and go further. We ignite an obsessive desire of differentiating our self by understanding the consumer’s needs for a unique experience.

Play as a team

We believe that through good teamwork, greatness can be achieved. We have a common goal based on an honest and open communication while showing concern and support for each other. We are fully committed to help our customers by working together with equal parts of ambition.

People are at the center of our attention

Making our customers’ lives better is our primary objective. We always follow through with our commitments to our customers.

Be the change

In this fast changing world, we must be flexible and innovative to be able to adapt to the new local market conditions in order to survive. We believe that it is important for us to always stay one step ahead and do something better to embrace growth. We are COMMITTED to continuous improvement since learning is a lifelong process and never-ending one.

Be bold & dream big

Our teams are hard-worker with big dreams ahead. We are creative and innovative thinkers who have big dreams and strive to push ourselves to be our best and figure out how to make our dreams become reality.

Act with integrity

Always, do the right thing! We expect our people to uphold the highest standards of honesty and to deliver on their commitments.

About the team

We are a group of young talents and professionals having the vision of increasing the e-commerce adoption and usage of our people in their daily life.
We strive to be the leader in e-commerce. Our engagement to working hard and being different sets us apart.
Our team of deal editors, e-commerce specialists, marketers and communications, sales and business developers have deep experience and knowledge within their sphere of influence. We go all-out to provide the best offer by researching the price history of products, market trend of the community from a variety of merchants, Internationally and across the Island and selecting only the best experience.