Ovannée Spa | Cotton Bay Resort & Spa

Cotton Bay Resort & Spa, Pointe Cotton

Different types of treatments aimed at revitalisation of the body

Cotton Bay Resort & Spa, one of Rodrigues' most sought-after and popular hotels, will dazzle customers with its bungalow-style accommodations, tropical location and extensive range of facilities and services filled with the distinct flavours and charms of Rodrigues. Ovannée Spa, which is the on-site Spa, invites customers to come try all the different treatments on offer, which are all aimed at the relaxation and revitalisation of the body.

NOTE: Please phone us on 2180052 or 52543457 to check availability before making your booking.

What's Included:

  • Spa Name: Ovannée Spa

  • Spa Opening Days / Hours: Mondays to Sundays, as from 10h00 up to 19h00

  • Location: inside Cotton Bay Resort & Spa, Rodrigues

Treatment types (choose only one):

  • Swedish Massage (45-Mins, Rs 1800)

  • It is a gentle and rhythmic massage that relaxes soft body tissue, alleviates stress and tension and contributes to a sense of overall well-being. It can be lighter or deeper in touch, depending on the client's needs

  • Aromatherapy (45-Mins, Rs 1800)

  • It is a Full-body massage which uses different Essential oils to provide full relaxation of body, mind and spirit. Enjoy this blissful moment with the on-site qualified therapist

  • Foot Reflexology (45-Mins, Rs 1600)

  • Especially designed to work on the soles of the feet, where all the reflexes points are localised. By applying pressure to these points, all systems and organs are brought into balance. Enjoy a full relaxation

  • Back & Neck Massage (30-Mins, Rs 1500)

  • The neck and the back are parts of the body which are the most exposed to stress and tensions. Different techniques are used to release tensions and knots. Feel fresh and full of energy with this massage

  • Duo Massage (45-Mins, Rs 2500)

  • Experience this wonderful treatment with your dear one in the same cabin. Pure natural Essential oils are used to make customers feel relaxed and rejuvenated

  • Thai & Shiatsu Massage (1 Hour, Rs 2300)

  • Thai Massage is performed without oil, focusing on combining stretching and compression techniques on the body energy channels. Throughout intensive care, the constant exchange of energy created with the therapist promotes peace and well-being. On the other hand, Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy using finger pressure along the meridian lines of the body. Also practiced without the use of oil, it harmonises energy flow and promotes the circulation of vital energy

  • Cotton Bay Spa Ritual Signature (90-Mins, Rs 3300)

  • Especially made in Rodrigues, this marvelous treatment (developed by the inspired on-site team) consists of a gentle Body and Facial scrub, a Full-body massage using tropical ingredients and use of aromatic oils which have lots of therapeutic benefits. An unforgotten experience for customers to accomplish their holidays

General conditions:

  • The offer is applicable to Mauritians or residents with a permit

  • Rates may vary depending on the date (please select a date to see the price) and are subject to availability

  • All customers must provide a Mauritian ID card or Resident permission upon arrival; failure to do so entitles the business to charge the current public rate

  • The merchant is solely liable to the buyer for the care and quality of the advertised products and services

  • Ovannée Spa reserves the right to refuse to carry out any of the proposed treatments if a customer is found to have medical / skin problems

  • For any important info, customers are required to contact us on 2180052 for their booking

  • Customers should arrive, at least, 15 minutes before the start of the chosen treatments or, else, there will be a reduction in treatment time