Flights on the South West coast (Le Morne) | lagoonFLIGHT

Lagoon Flight, Le Morne

15 to 60-Min. Flight experience in Single or Duo

Get to explore Mauritius in an incredible aerial tour of the Southwestern coast of Mauritius from lagoonFLIGHT with

This experience will bring to customers unique and memorable stunning bird eye-views of our turquoise lagoon, beautiful sandy beach, as well as scenic landscapes such as the wonderful Le Morne mountain and its World Heritage site.

Get to choose between either 15-Mins, 25-Mins, 40-Mins or the NEW 80-Mins single or couple seaplane flight trips to experience unforgettable sensations cruising along the Southwestern coast. Head to Le Morne Peninsula, then fly 4500 feet above the mountains heading North up to Tamarin! Don't forget to grab some pictures and videos for your memories!


Package details (choose only one):

  • 15-Min Experience Flight: La Prairie – Macondé – The Underwater Waterfall – Îlot Fourneau – Le Morne village – La Prairie

  • 25-Min Discovery Flight: La Prairie – The Underwater Waterfall – Îlot Fourneau- Macondé – Bel Ombre – Rivière des Galets – La Prairie

  • 40-Min Privilege Flight: La Prairie – The Underwater Waterfall – Îlot Fourneau – Macondé – Bel Ombre – Rivière des Galets – Souillac – Gris Gris – La Prairie

  • 80-Min Excellence Flight: La Prairie -The Underwater Waterfall – Îlot Fourneau – Macondé – Bel Ombre – Rivière des Galets – Souillac – Gris Gris – Île des Deux Cocos – Blue Bay Marine Park – Grand Port – Île au Phare – La Prairie

  • Duo Flights: Allows couples or friends to fly side by side in 2 different Seaplanes. They'll be able to witness the sceneries of the Southwestern coast at the same time. It's possible to communicate with each other through the radio during the flight. Happiness is always better when shared!

  • Location: La Prairie Beach, Le Morne

    Participant Guidelines:

  • Seating Capacity per Seaplane: 1 passenger

  • Height: 1m - 2m10cm

  • Maximum Weight: 120 Kg

  • Equipment provided: All safety equipment will be provided

Opening Days and Hours:

  • We are open from Monday to Saturday

  • All activities are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays except special occasions.

  • Opening hours (Monday - Saturday): 09:00 - 17:00 (Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)


  • All proposed slots by our Booking team will stay open until fully confirmed. *We recommend contacting us by phone for short notice reservations.

  • Time slots As mentioned, we will guide you through the best time for any particular day as we are subject to the weather conditions. We will always try in the mornings first as the weather is usually calmer.

  • The Booking time given must be respected otherwise the participant(s) might miss the allocated slot which will be given to other participants who are on time. The flight will then depend on the availability left.

  • Unfortunately, we do not arrange transportations. But we do have a parking area for your vehicles.

  • Our Advice: Anyone willing to do the activity and is in Mauritius for a short period, we recommend the reservation to be made during the beginning of the stay in case the activity has to be rescheduled due to bad weather conditions.

  • We highly recommend morning reservations as the weather conditions are usually better.

  • The participants must bring their Mauritian ID or working permit otherwise no discount will be applied. All the other conditions remain the same (booking vouchers, payment system, etc).

Activity Safety Measures and Restrictions:

The safety of all passengers boarding our plane is our first priority. See below a listing of our restrictions.


  • Activities will depend on the weather.

  • lagoonFLIGHT has the right to cancel the activity due to sudden weather changes; Safety first.


  • The participant must sign our Waiver form.

  • The minimum age is 8 years old.

  • The maximum weight is 110 Kg.

  • lagoonFLIGHT has the right to refuse any person if it’s in regards to safety

  • The participant must not be under the influence of alcohol or any drugs.

Cancellation policy:

We ask for a 24h notice for all changes or cancellations regarding any scheduled bookings. Otherwise, 100% of the amount will be charged. As the activity is weather dependent, it might be canceled and therefore subject to a rescheduled appointment, depending on our availability left. In the case of a full cancellation due to bad weather, the participants and partners will be refunded 100% of the activity (Transport fees excluded).